Pointless Corp.

We Make Pointless Stuff

But, between you and me, we're really neither pointless nor a corporation.

We're actually a collection of projects built by the team at Viget. We love building products for awesome clients most days, but sometimes we like building our own stuff, too. Gotta stay sharp, right?

  1. An Idea Forms
    Someone at Viget has an idea for a Pointless Project.
  2. The Pitch
    The idea is shared, excitement builds, and a team gets crackin'.
  3. We Build It
    The team builds the product quickly in short iterations, often demoing to the Viget staff.
  4. Launch!
    Iterations continue, support is shared across project teams.

Our Pointless Projects

  • Finding the right social media tool can be a hassle, so we’ve created SocialPiq to match you with the best tools for your unique needs. Search quickly and easily, so you can focus on your community and content instead of sifting through hundred of products.

  • Enough with the like button and +1s — you need an equal opportunity to issue demerits because let’s face it: sometimes, people get out of line. On the field or off, BOOM! CARDED. is a way to give anyone or anything a cautionary reminder that you’ve had enough. So take matters into your own hands and watch the matches this World Cup with the power to card!

  • SpotsYou tracks how often your team members hit the gym so you can reimburse the ones who log a minimum number of workouts.

  • Sometimes life needs an audible. To call one at a moment’s notice use Omaha That.

  • A spooky experience unlike any other, Haunted Hills is a frightful combination of some scary technology: Web RTC Video and Parallax.JS. Go at it alone, or with friends and be a part of the Halloween scene.

  • Rebranded and better than ever, Shorter Order is the new and improved version of Lunnnch. Group orders are even easier with integration of the fancy menu API Locu, the ability to save guest lists, and much more. Next time you order (for many), make it shorter with Shorter Order.

  • PowWow takes the headache out of scheduling user interviews and testing sessions. Quickly and easily set up a calendar for your project with available appointments and send to potential participants. Participants can sign up for their preferred appointment time, and just like that, you two have a meeting scheduled.

  • For a few cheerful weeks in December, the Jinglebots deliver holiday wishes at your command. Simply tweet with the hashtag #jinglebots, and then watch live via webcam as these lovable bots deliver your personalized cheer for all to hear — with the help of some very special holiday coding magic.

  • Simple simple group video, instantly. No logins (for participants), no ads, no extra features. We wanted group video that is as simple as two tin cans and a string, so we made it using the OpenTok API.

    It works great for us, how about you?

  • Competition makes everything better. Even pregnancies. Baby Bookie makes it easy to let family, friends, or the whole dang Internet have some fun guessing Mommy’s due date. Start a baby pool today.

  • OfficeGames makes it fun for your co-workers to keep score of the unique office games they love to play. No more guessing who actually won more games of darts, ping-pong, or trash-can basketball! No more keeping score on sticky notes. Keep score on a spare computer at work or using your iPhone. OfficeGames makes it fun, easy, and official!

  • We built this tiny application to highlight everything we dig about Durham, NC. The site displays tweets sent to @idigdurham (and those with the hashtag #idigdurham), as well as Flickr photos tagged idigdurham. It’s a medley of Durham love and local awesomeness.

  • Tofu Engine is the answer to hungry web/mobile user’s frustrations.

    Tofu Engine lived and died in private beta. It happens. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Launched: February 2011
    • Removed: 2014
  • Invite your friends to Lunnnch when you need to call in a large order. Perfect for office delivery orders when the google spreadsheet starts to feel cumbersome. Lunnnch lets you invite people to a group order via email and link to the menu they should review. It keeps all the orders in central place and remembers your previous Lunnnches so next week you aren’t starting from scratch.

    Check out Lunnch’s successor, Shorter Order!

    • Launched: February 2011
    • Removed: 2013
  • Tweets of Fury lets you battle your Twitter nemesis in a Rock-Scissors-Paper duel. You and your opponent will face off in a best-2-out-of-3 match and we predict your hands will be sweating by Round 2. Your initial challenge to your enemy is tweeted publicly. The battle happens privately on the TOF site. And the next thing the twitter-sphere will see is a tweet from the loser … a tweet that was written by the WINNER (cue ominous music). To the world it looks like any other tweet.

    • Launched: June 2009
    • Removed: 2012
  • With HeyCraig, you entered an item you were interested in purchasing, followed by your email, and your location. HeyCraig then kept an eye on Craigslist, and emailed you when items you wanted became available.

    It was that easy. However, Craigslist asked us to remove the site, so we did. Oh well, it was handy while it lasted.

    • Launched: April 2009
    • Removed: May 2012
  • SpeakerRate was launched in January 2009 as a community site for event organizers, attendees, and speakers. Event organizers can find speakers, get event feedback, and promote their event. Attendees can get connected to speakers, find better events, and give feedback. Speakers can build their reputation, improve their speaking abilities, and win speaking gigs.

  • FeedStitch gives you the power to pull data feeds from all over the web & stitch them into a single feed of awesome power & limitless internet usage potential.

    We cover the basics with HTML and RSS, but we also speak JSON so you can republish the data however you want on your site. Kaboom!

    • Launched: February 2009
    • Removed: May 2014
  • Connect-a-Sketch takes your sketches and wireframes and turns them into functional prototypes.

    Upload your sketches/wireframes, drag and drop them into your prototype, create interactive states and connections between your pages, then test and share. It’s a great way to try out interactive ideas quickly and easily.

    The connecting and sketching has to come to an end. There are a lot of other great options available if you’re looking to build prototypes from static deliverables. We’re partial to Invision and Flinto.

    • Launched: September 2008
    • Removed: May 2014